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Phoenix Padle Bin ( Ov Bin ) Ocean Color 5L


Phoenix Padle Bin ( Ov Bin ) Ocean Color

A Paddle bin is an essential and convenient tool to help keep your home or workspace clean and tidy, while also minimizing the spread of germs and bacteria. It features a pedal or paddle mechanism to easily and hygienically dispose of waste without the need to touch the lid. With just a step on the pedal or a press on the paddle, the lid opens smoothly, allowing you to quickly and easily dispose of your trash.

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Phoenix Padle Bin ( Ov Bin ) Ocean Color

Diameter: 220mm Height: 280mm

Weight – 0.5 kg

The 5 litre lid bin is perfect for keeping your kitchen, home, or workspace clean. This container has a swinging cover flap and a pedal for easy waste disposal. Its long-lasting, durable style helps, keep odors at bay and can be stored away in any confined area, conveniently.

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Weight 0.5 kg





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