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Rail King Train


Rail King Train

Product Description

  • Requires 2 aa batteries (not included)
  • Engine has a Head light which gives kids a real engine appeal
  • Perimeter of track is around 210 cm and diameter is 67.5 cm
  • Note: Arrange carefully all the locomotive such that all of them fall on the track. Do not push or squeeze the track portion…Be careful which joining them..A gentle press is enough
  • Simulating a True Style (Medium Size)
  • 14 Track
  • 1 Locomotive
  • 1 Boxcar
  • 3 Passenger Car Railway
  • 2x Battery operated

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Rail King Train

Product Description

The Rail King Train is a battery-operated toy train set that comes with one locomotive, one boxcar, and three passenger cars. It requires two AA batteries to operate, which are not included in the package. The engine has a headlight that gives the train a realistic appeal, which can be exciting for kids.

The perimeter of the track is around 210 cm, and the diameter is 67.5 cm. The set includes 14 tracks, which can be easily assembled to create a circular track for the train to run on. It is important to arrange the locomotive and cars carefully on the track to avoid them falling off. One should be careful not to push or squeeze the track portion while joining them, as a gentle press is enough.

The Rail King Train simulates a true style, and it is medium-sized, making it suitable for children of various ages. With its realistic appeal, the set can provide hours of fun and entertainment for kids.

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