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Aptamil Formula Stage 1

Aptamil Formula Stage 1

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Real European recipe, easy to digest, complete nutrition for babies 0-12 months

Aptamil® First is gentle on baby’s tummy, featuring dual prebiotics GOS/FOS that helps feed good bacteria in the gut, and HMO 3’GL*. Our proprietary process helps make our formula easy to digest, featuring high-quality ingredients inspired by 50 years of breast milk research, and developed by our team of scientists.

Key ingredients include: ​

  • Prebiotics GOS and FOS to help support baby’s digestive health​
  • Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) 3’GL*
  • Key vitamins and minerals found in breast milk
  • DHA to help support brain and eye development​
  • No corn syrup, maltodextrin, or glucose syrup solids